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Caribbean Holiday Cruises

For a region that is famous for its natural beauty; from the natural lush tropical rainforests, the pristine beaches and the colorful reefs, the Caribbean Islands has more wonders than can fit the longest “best attractions” list. Some places get year round loads of tourists it is hard to dispute their popularity. Among the endless Caribbean attractions are some world wonders that are worth mentioning. Next time you plan a Caribbean holiday, you cannot afford to miss a few of these on your itinerary.

The Baths in the Virgin Gorda (British Virgin Islands)

Of all the things that the Caribbean Islands have to offer, the baths are one of the most spectacular and breathtaking attractions.  These baths, which are on the coast of Virgin Gorda, form a series of grottos, caves and pools in the jumble of the ancient underwater boulders, which are a snorkeler’s paradise.  Read More...

The National Archive Telephone 0844 850 0039

Did you know that you can access any government records as old as Shakespeare’s will and as new as the tweets from Downing Street? Well, there is an organization that is mandated to collect and preserve these records for posterity while making it readily available and accessible to the public when needed.

Welcome to the National Archives!

The UK’s National Archive is an agency of the Culture, Media and Sports Department and houses thousands of years of history. It is the body that was formed after the four records organizations merged. These organizations include Historical Manuscripts Commission, Public Records Office, Her Majesty’s Stationery and Public Sector Information Office.  Read More...


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