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Caribbean Holiday Cruises

For a region that is famous for its natural beauty; from the natural lush tropical rainforests, the pristine beaches and the colorful reefs, the Caribbean Islands has more wonders than can fit the longest “best attractions” list. Some places get year round loads of tourists it is hard to dispute their popularity. Among the endless Caribbean attractions are some world wonders that are worth mentioning. Next time you plan a Caribbean holiday, you cannot afford to miss a few of these on your itinerary.

The Baths in the Virgin Gorda (British Virgin Islands)

Of all the things that the Caribbean Islands have to offer, the baths are one of the most spectacular and breathtaking attractions.  These baths, which are on the coast of Virgin Gorda, form a series of grottos, caves and pools in the jumble of the ancient underwater boulders, which are a snorkeler’s paradise. 

The sheltered and calm waters of the baths are perfect for even the most novice snorkelers. The beauty of the colorful coral-kissed rocky formations and the pools formed right up to the main shore are simply breathtaking. You can also take a plunge into the sparkling sea when you are done with exploring the caves.

The Stingray City in Cayman Islands 

Located at the Grand Cayman’s northwestern tip is the Stingray City. This is one of the Caribbean’s best family excursion sites. You can take a boat to the sandbar to get a better look at the school of stingrays, or plunge into the crystal clear waters and swim with them!

The stingrays here have become accustomed to the human touch. Previously, fishermen used to dump food at the sand bar but by and by they got accustomed to feeding them by hand. When you get there, well dressed in a snorkeling gear, watch them glide or get in the 3 – 12 foot deep water baths and join them! 

Bioluminescent Bay in Puerto Rico’s Vieques

Would you like to swim in water baths that glow in the dark? Well, welcome to Bahia Fosforescente (popularly called the Bioluminescent Bay). The bay’s shallow, bacteria-rich waters are the ideal environment for the bioluminescent protozoa to thrive. These one celled organisms that light up when disturbed to form a beautiful glow vividly visible in the dark.

On a moonless night, a swim in the Vieques is a magical experience, especially with the waves and ripples causing a light stream on the waters. If you cannot get to Vieques, you can enjoy a bioluminescent swim at Farjardo, which is only a day trip from San Juan.

The Volcanic Soufriere Hills in Montserrat, St Lucia

The angry Soufriere Hills spew mad lava every once in a while, the latest and still smoldering action being in 1995. These eruptions are both a blessing and a curse in that the entire southern part of the island has been rendered inhabitable since the eruption, yet it has brought many more tourists. This irresistible tourists’ allure has in its wake left fields of ashes and volcanic mudflows. These volcanic activities can also be viewed from the Montserrat Observatory.

If you want an up close view of the action, a guide can take you to the volcano via a vent. I must say that this is not for the faint hearted. You will smell the sulfur, see the ashes and bear witness to the hissing crater and bubbling lava.  St Lucia is also home to the most beautiful natural reefs and pristine white, sugar soft sandy beaches where you can relax after a scary excursion in the hills.

Cave Tubing in Western Caribbean, Belize

This is one of the most popular activities with the Caribbean cruise tours in the western part of the region. Can you imagine yourself jumping into a tube, floating along a fast flowing river into an eerily quiet, pitch black cave that extends for a seemingly endless hundreds of yards? Does that sound like your idea of adventure? Well, for the best cave tubing experience, Belize is the place to be.

The Waterfalls of the Caribbean

There is an endless system of waterfalls in these islands, which form the perfect setting for hikers. These waterfalls are known for their majestic heights and the clear pools that are perfect for a swim. The Jamaican Dunn River Falls are perhaps the most popular of all falls in the Caribbean, and always packed, with tourists. For a quieter experience, you can go to the Somerset Falls, the YS Falls or the La Mina Falls in Puerto Rico.


No list can exhaustively express the beauty that the Caribbean Islands have to offer; you just have to go and see it yourself! From the national parks and reserves, the caves, botanical gardens, hiking trails in the natural Caribbean jungle, plantations and farms, aquariums and zoos, these islands are the perfect paradise for nature lovers!


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