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All inclusive cruises including alcohol

Is a Cruise Vacation Perfect for You?

Are you one of those people who have always wanted to go on a cruise holiday but were never courageous enough to take the leap? Well, a cruise holiday is the perfect holiday option for just about anyone, including you. You can do as much or as little as you please. Cruises have something to offer for all tastes and ages – whether you are a lounge lizard or an adrenaline junkie or a little bit of both. Looking for convenience, variety, value for your money, great dining options, adventure, comfort and overall satisfaction – a cruise holiday offers all of this and much more. 

Below are four main reasons why a cruise holiday is the perfect holiday option for you.


Multiple Destinations


Easy to Plan

A cruise allows you to easily travel from one location to the next with minimum effort. You can easily fall asleep in one location and wake up in another. How awesome is that?   Planning a cruise vacation is simple. This is mainly due to the fact that a cruise vacation package includes transportation, accommodation, dining and activities. 

 Cruising is Social



If you are looking for an opportunity to meet people from around the world, then cruising is definitely a great option from you. You meet new and interesting people from across the globe on cruises. Cruises offer variety – they are great for family vacations as well as romantic vacations. In addition, they offer a variety of onboard activities for all ages and interests.  

What does an All-Inclusive Cruise Vacation Package Include?

As we mentioned earlier, a cruise vacation is easier to plan because every aspect of the vacation is directly related to each other and are linked together. This however does not mean that one amount will cover all aspects of your vacation. Your cruise vacation package will determine what is included and what is not included. Many cruise lines offer all-inclusive vacation packages. If you truly want to enjoy your cruise, it is advisable to opt for all inclusive cruising otherwise you will be faced with a situation in which you will need to pay for every little thing – your meals, your activities, your soft drinks and especially your alcoholic drinks.

When it comes to alcoholic drinks, most cruise lines, even if they offer all-inclusive packages, do not include alcoholic drinks. Even though you paid for an all-inclusive package, you would still have to pay for alcoholic beverages separately. Think about this! It is not the most convenient option! Having to worry about how much you need to pay per glass takes away the fun and pleasure.

As a result, some cruise lines have recently started to offer all-inclusive packages including alcohol. So apart from not having to pay separately for your transportation, accommodation, food and drinks and activities, you also do not have to worry about paying for your alcoholic drinks.

How to decide whether or not to choose an All-Inclusive Package with Alcohol?  

You do not necessarily have to opt for an all-inclusive package with alcohol just because it is being offered by the cruise line. Do you really need a package that includes alcohol? It depends! Unlimited alcohol packages do have their benefits and are of great value and if most of your time will be spent on sea on the cruise ship, then you should definitely opt for a package with unlimited alcohol.

According to this article, there are however some people who believe that opting for an all-inclusive package with alcohol has hidden dangers – one of which being that vacationers will be more inclined to consume more alcohol than they normally would. To a certain extent this is true and as a result, by consuming more alcohol than normal, vacations put themselves in dangers while on a cruise ship with wet and slippery floors, steep staircases and raiser thresholds. While the above might be true, in the end, it is the person who decides how much alcohol he or she will consume.

Top Destinations for All-Inclusive Cruise Packages

Over the years, the Caribbean has become the number one destination for cruise vacations. Normally, when you think of a cruise vacation, you automatically think of the Caribbean – turquoise waters, sunny skies, sandy beaches, smooth sailing and warm temperature.  Apart from the Caribbean, the Mediterranean also has some of the best cruise holidays to offer. In fact, there are many great cruise destination in the world and if you truly want to go on a cruise vacation, you will soon realize that regardless of the destination, a cruise vacation is packed with fun, excitement and pleasure. 



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