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If you’re looking for the perfect holiday, you don’t ned to go any further. Your History cruises is the answer for all your entertainment and fun requirements. We have some of the best cruises crossing the sea right now, with merry crews and passengers having a good time. And you can be one of them! It’s easy, just keep reading and you will find that the best experience for you is just around the corner. Doubt no more! Your History is the perfect answer.


Make Your History happen!

What drives us in our constant effort to provide all you need so you can have the best experience on board, is the belief that every person is unique and they all will have a different thing going on when in a cruise. People aren’t the same, they come from different backgrounds and they have their own interests, and regardless of that they all should have the best time ever when on our cruises! For this reason, we provide our customers with all they need to make it happen with Your History. We offer tailored packages and innovative proposals so you’re never bored or unsatisfied, but rather have the best experience on board! Our cruises will always become a part of Your History!

Ask for packages and special offerings!

All our cruises are all inclusive and provide only the best service in all areas, including leisure, entertainment, food & drink, shows and activites for all ages. We always try to think like our customers so we figure out what they want the most, and give them exactly that. We are constantly making surveys and learning about people. We always come out with great proposals for everybody, so they can enjoy the time of their lives with Your History cruises!

We have designed packages to please all tastes, and you can combine our offerings to design a unique experience in our cruises. Ask for family discounts, seasonal discounts and surprise mega discounts!

 You can choose between dozens of routes!


The most important things on a cruise happen on board, but the route is also a huge part of the experience! Are you a Mediterranean fan, an Europe fan, an Asia fan, a tropical fan? You can choose any destination you fancy with Your History cruises.

You are invited to see the great variety of routes that we offer. Whatever it is that you fancy, you are sure to find something that will satisfy you!


Our specialty: all-you-can-drink cruises!


We all have something at which we are best. And our thing is beverages! We work with dozens of brands of alcohol, including all top labels you can ask for - we accept the challenge - and we want you to enjoy our wide selection when you're on board. We offer all-you-can-drink packages with unlimited beverages, with several options so they can fit either your budget or your taste.

If you love good drinks or you'd just like to have a sip of each, our all-you-can-drink cruises and packages are the best option you can choose. You don't need to spend hundreds of pounds, or fancy a drink but refrain because it would add too much on your expenses. With our packages, you can access free drinks and discount bottles of wine, scotch and other beverages whenever you are on board. Have a great experience and taste the best drinks with our all-you-can-drink packages!




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Anna Miller

"So far, Your History has provided us with the best cruises. We are fond of going on one like once or twice a year and we have some experience. We have found that this one is definitely our favourite company."

Seann Fawlsey

"I booked a Mediterranean cruise with Your History and bought the all-you-can-drink package just to give it a try. No regrets. It was the best cruise I’ve ever been at."

Ronald Olson

"We had a rocking and very original stag do at a cruise! My best man purchased tickets to a Your History cruise with free drinks and a great atmosphere. I want to get married again just so I can repeat the experience!"