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Have you ever wondered if you have knightly blood? Have you ever wished to know where your family first appeared? Whave you ever felt curious about your lineage and your origin?

Here in Your History you will find all of this information and more!

Family History

We have been collecting for years an extensive database about familiar history of the inhabitants of the United Kingdom. Our land has a very rich story of chivalry, nobility and warfare, as well as of adventurers who sailed away to conquer new horizons. You could descend from any of these remarkable people. Maybe in you blood runs more history than you ever imagined! 

Our identity is our most preciated gift. We live our lives according to who we are. It is of great importance to learn about our family history, and at the same time, it's fun!

Learn now about your family history. Only with your family name, you can access an extensive library of information. Now you will feel a living part of the British history, because well, that is exactly who you are. 

Learn the journey of your family since its very dawn. Read of their lives and adventures. Discover the path that has led you and your present family to where you are. Unveil the interesting secrets and treasures of your family heritage.


We also have an extensive archive of family heraldry and family crests. Feel like a prince by wearing your family crest in any way you want - a pendant, a coat, a shirt, your car, your coffee mug or even a tattoo!

We will teach you the basics of heraldry so you can understand the meaning of all the elements of your family crest. Each blazon sums up the philosophy and spirit of a family, that has been forged in ancient times. From father to son, this spirit has been inherited and lives on in present history. Even if it has been forgotten over time, it can also be remembered and made conscious again. Learning about your family heraldry is not just a fun thing to do, it is also a journey to your very roots, that stand alive in the present day, just the way they have stood back then, when they were first established.

Family trees

Our database allows us to generate the most complete family trees for every family in the United Kingdom. Learn about your relatives, where they are now, and how to reach them if you feel interested. Learn as well about your ancestors, and find out about great names of History that could hide in some of your family branches.

We will send you via postal mail a print of your family tree. You can hang it on your wall or keep it as documentation about your own family history.


Begin the journey!

Don't hesitate to try out our research tools to find out more about your family history. Fill the form above and we will get in touch with you. You will never regret learning about your proud history. We will be with you along the journey!

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Anna Miller

"I never thought that my family could actually have such a long history of chivalry. Our family crest also looks great now hanging above our fireplace. This has been a super fun experience! Everyone should try Your History."

Seann Fawlsey

"This service is just the best. In two days I had my complete family tree mailed to my home. Not even my grand-grandparents remembered that much about us. Now I am getting in touch with my cousins in the Isle of Man."

Rose O

"Last month my son had to play a knight in the school play, and we made for him a pennant with our real family crest. He was delighted. Now he has hung it in his room and keeps telling his friends that he is a knight."